Liverpool is without doubt one of the beauty capitals of the planet, especially for Semi Permanent Makeup.

Where better to have quality driven advanced cosmetics clinic? Nowhere.

Women here are just different. Doing everything we can to look our best runs through our veins. People all over the United Kingdom are fully aware of the sheer amount of effort us scousers are willing to make. Beauty is a passion here. It’s ingrained in our DNA.

Model Standards HQ is based in the heart of Liverpool – and we absolutely love it. We have greater clients than we could have ever imagined, and each week our customer base grows with more amazing people. We are well a well known brand in the Liverpool region and consistently see our client base grow, month on month.


Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool

At Model Standards, we are dedicated to helping the women of Liverpool to find their absolute potential. We have chosen specific products and services to offer which compliment the desires of the people here. Semi permanent makeup in Liverpool has a HUGE demand. Brows in general are one of the hottest topics that the city has to offer – with a big powerful brow being recognised nationally (and even INTERNATIONALLY!) as a Scouse Brow. Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool treatments are the perfect product for a city with such a brow passion.

We work with clients all over Liverpool on an ongoing basis as their brow specialist. We are more than just a place to go for a random treatment. We are a place to go for a life long relationship – working with you on a personal strategy to ensure you feel forever gorgeous.

By designing your ideal brows/lips with you on your free SPMU (Semi Permanent Makeup) consultation, you will begin to understand what things could be like. We are experts in understanding your exact desires – and will help you find exactly what you need by looking at your facial shape, skin tone and hair colour. We will give you the help that you need to find your absolute beauty potential.

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