Anti Wrinkle Injections are an effective method of reducing the effects of aging – and tightening the skin of a client’s face.


I have loved every minute of my life since I got my first Botox injections 6 months ago at Model Standards. They have revitalised my face. Everybody keeps telling me how great I look.

A Botox treatment at Model Standards will be delivered by a highly experienced professional – who has passed all necessary qualifications and regulations. Your safety is our greatest concern. That is why we only work with highly regarded professionals – who know exactly how to deliver outstanding results, for every client.

Every client is different. Each individual’s wants, needs and expectations need to managed effectively – and our professionals need to tailor the procedure to the suit. Before any treatments are delivered, you will have a full consultation to discuss your current situation & your desires. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have – and ask any questions.

We know that many clients feel nervous when they arrive at the clinic for a Botox procedure. Rest assured, we have had every type of client that you can imagine. We will never, ever agree to do a Botox procedure if we believe that it could cause harm, or negative effects for the client.


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