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The Power of the Permanent Brow! – Model Standards

There’s something very special about eyebrows.

A strange and mystical truth that all but a few women know. In my opinion, acquiring a perfect set of permanent brows is the quickest & simplest way to find some true internal confidence. Without my eyebrows on fleek, I feel naked, weak, defenceless and anxious. There is literally nothing I love more than watching the face of a client change at the second they look in the mirror and see their new brows for the first time.

An unfortunate part of life for many women is the undeniable fate of losing our natural brow hair. It is every woman’s hell! Gorgeous women, on the inside and out, feeling nervous and self-conscious.This just should not happen. Every women deserves the right to have inner confidence. Something as simple as a strong set of brows can turn a gloomy, worn out face in to a glowing, energetic face – and I honestly believe it is something that every woman should invest in.

There’s no getting around the facts of life. Our brows will deteriorate.They will become thinner, mis-shaped and sparse. Investing in permanent make-up and a simple regular tint will give you the eyebrows of a 23-year-old model. It will save you countless hours, allowing you to wake up with the brows of your dreams, rather than having to attempt to draw them every single day.

Symmetrical. Identical. Natural. Enticing.

Our time in this life is limited. Time is the only thing in this world that we cannot buy, sell, create, or pause. Our actions and decisions determine how much of our time on Earth is wasted.

Think of it this way:

  • 20 minutes per day drawing on brows equals 2 hours and 20 minutes per week.
  • This adds up to just over 10 hours per calendar month, or 5 full days per year! FIVE ACTUAL DAYS!
  • Five long days out of every single year of our life, WASTED!
  • Over a 40-year period, we will waste 4,853 hours, or 202 full 24-hour days, sat in front of a mirror, stressing out trying to draw on our brows. #HashtagCryingEmojiFace

Do I need to say any more? Investing in permanent eyebrows is not only giving you the eyebrows of your dreams & a new wave of self-confidence… it is massively reducing the amount of hours in your life wasted.

Again, I will say, our time in this life is limited. Don’t waste it.

Lots of love, Model Standards. Xxxx