A Chemical Skin Peel is a non-surgical treatment focused on improving the health of your skin by removing the damaged layers at the surface.


My skin has always been terrible. I have suffered from acne since early teens – and I have never been able to shake the stubborn blackheads which appear every day of my life. Recently, I have been getting a monthly Chemical Skin Peel – and I can’t even explain how amazing the results are. I feel like a new person.


A Chemical Skin Peel is a non-surgical treatment which removes damaged layers of skin at the surface. Women (and men) are quickly realising the benefits of this procedure, and are planning it in to their monthly schedules.

What are the benefits?

Skin peels offer HUGE benefits. They remove blackheads, reduce spots, reduce greasiness, tighten your skin & reduce wrinkles – and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky.

Does a Chemical Skin Peel Hurt?

No. Although you are having damaged layers of your skin removed by an acidic solution, there is no pain whatsoever. In fact, the treatment is actually extremely relaxing and is delivered in a ‘massage-style’ environment. Most clients love coming in – as they can just sit back, relax, listen to the relaxing music and leave with amazing skin!

How long does a Chemical Peel take?

The treatment will take approximately 45 minutes, from start to finish. We advise to arrive 15 minutes before your treatment is due to start so that you and your skin care specialist can discuss your current skin situation.

How much does a Chemical Skin Peel cost?

At Model Standards, we offer our chemical skin peels at £55.00.

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