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The 10 Instagram Accounts That Will Revitalise Every Girly Girl’s Timeline – Model Standards

If you’re anything like us (apart from being gorgeous & hilarious), you’ve probably noticed that Instagram feeds (and most other social media platform feeds, for that matter) are beginning to go a bit… what should we call it… stale? There just seems to be a lot of scrolling involved – and a little bit less gossiping, giggling and screen-shotting.

What is the reason, though? And how can we fix it?

Personally, we think it is just because every Sue, Margret andSally have finally jumped on the social band wagon – and most of our feeds are now drowning in their photographs of last nights Smart Price salmon & a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Now, that’s not to say they’re in the wrong for doing that. Each to their own. Carpe Diem, and all that. But what we can do is taken actions to help revitalise our social media experience and kick start our digital social life to a place of new heights.

So, without further ado, here’s our 10 top Instagram accounts that we believe all UK girly girls must be following:

1. For all things fashion & style. @Runway96

The White ‘Crystal Bella Bustier’ by Bossa ? Shop Now // runway96.com

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We’ve been following @Runway96 for a long time – and we love it. Consistently dropping the realest, powerful, juicy & teasing images that get us pausing in our Insta Timeline and glaring in envy. 

This page is primarily a page for fashionistas – but also encompasses a huge variety of jaw droppingly clean photos of things you’d never believe you could gaze at so eloquently. Did you ever think you’d sit staring for 60 seconds at a chair? I promise you, @Runway96 will prove you wrong. 

You can see more of their content on Twitter – @Runway96Fashion, and more of their behind the scenes content on Insta via @Runway96studio.

2. For SERIOUS travelling the world inspiration – @DaniellaGrace.

Now that is my size piña colada! ???? @andazpapagayo #puravida #costarica

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We only recently discovered this account. We don’t even really know much about Daniella Grace – but what we do know is that she knows how to be a boss on Instagram. 

Every single post catches our attention and hurts our soul – because we know we’re not there with her. There’s a lot of average accounts on Instagram within the Travel niche – this isn’t one of them. 

3. For comedy that will make your abs hurt – @ScouseMa

Scouse ma -

This one was obvious. ScouseMa has been around for a while now and is becoming a globally recognised brand, as the sassy account that doesn’t take no shit from men. We have NO doubt that she’ll have you laughing your head off, holding your sides & screen shotting and sending to your group chat. 

She’s brutal. She’s cold. She’s fierce. She’s amazing.

4. For some of the best memes on the internet – @GirlWithNoJob.

@aliciachet coming for you

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We need not say much about @GirlWithNoJob. It is just great memes. And lots of them. Life is short. Don’t waste your days doing things that won’t make you happy.

Follow this account and get ready to love your life a little bit more.

5. For the best florist on Instagram (we love clean flower posts) – @JardineBotanic

armful of the best, I’m standing in for Dash today whose running wild in Tasmania ???

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Looking at pictures of flowers makes us at Model Standards happy. So following the number one florist on Instagram isn’t a difficult decision. Each photograph is different and has a story behind it. 

Whenever we begin to lose sight in the quality of Instagram content – we go straight to @JardineBotanic to restore the faith. Enjoy!

6. For the fitness posts that will motivate you to put the double chocolate muffin down – @CourtneyDBlack

This girl’s story is amazing – and although very young, she has taken our feed by storm and has been our thinspiration for a while now. 

Some people just don’t know how to post gym pictures without boring the fuck out of us. But Courtney does – her account is great and we know you’ll love it.

7. For serious inspiration and a glimpse of the life of a truly emotional success story – @KatiePiper_

You may already know the story about Katie Piper. It’s heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. She brought out a book which we read a while back – which tells one of the saddest stories imaginable for a young girl. 

We’ve followed Katie for well over a year now – and we love her Instagram. Seeing her battle through life with such a big smile gives us a massive push just when we need it.

8. For all things makeup – @DressYourFace

This account is all about flawless makeup – and brings serious inspiration to the table.

Whenever we’re getting ready for a night out, we sit gazing at the images on this page trying to find some kind of technique and hope for a miracle. 

9. For the most amazing girly Vlog content – @LydiaEMillen.

She’s one of the leading blog/vloggers in the UK and delivers great content every day. We’ve been following her for a few months – on both Insta and Snapchat, and we just love it. She’s gorgeous, successful & funny.

Whatever type of girl you are, we think you’ll love her posts.

10. For a final bit of jealousy & inspiration & envy & anger & happiness – @SarahStage


A post shared by ?SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

The girl just make us die. We can’t even explain how much we hate her – but love her at the same time. She’s just got some kind of special sauce all over her that God only poured on a few people in life. 

We don’t even know what she does. We don’t care. She is life. 

So. There you have it! Follow these accounts. Get looking at their posts. Prepare to drool. But most of all, enjoy a life of not starting a salmon pics.  Comment below if you have any others that our readers should be following! 

As always, thanks for everything. Model Standards. X