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Kylie Cosmetics has some new competition… He goes by the name of Kanye – Model Standards

Almost everybody in the cosmetics industry is aware of the Kylie range. As a part of the Kardashian Mafia, Kylie Jenner has a ridiculous number of followers on social media – which has, quite literally, sky rocketed her brand’s success. In 2016 alone, Kylie Cosmetics had an income of $18 MILLION – which shows just how much influence she already has. Which is pretty successful, considering the brand is very young and entering a massively competitive market.



She now has some competition – and surprisingly, it has come in the shape of her brother-in-law, good old Kanye West.

Kanye has filed legal documents to launch a new brand in the name of his late mother, Donda, who passed away in 2017. TMZ have reported that the brand will operate in the beauty & makeup industry, producing & selling cosmetics, perfumes and lotions. It’s going to be difficult to compete with Kylie, no doubt. Her products sell out in 5 minutes, every time – and get sold on eBay for 10X the RRP straight once sold out. The demand for her line is HUGE.

Kanye explained a few years ago, via his ‘Donda Chart’, that he wanted to create a lifestyle brand – which covers everything from Medical Research to bicycles and alternative energy production, and everything in between.

He shared the chart with social media last year – which publicly demonstrated his ambitions.

Kanye West Donda Chart Kylie Cosmetics

Watch out Kylie!