We’re all the victim of a terrible photo at some point in our life – some much more than others. But what is it that allows some to live in an ultra photogenic fairytale – and others to live in Mugshotville? We think that it is almost all down to technique & practice. Celebs all work on their photo skills regularly – and it usually works! So here are 8 tips that all girls should know about – so that we, too, can begin to perfect our photo pose. Go get it girl.

  1. Practice your smile. And then OWN IT. 

The biggest problem that most girl’s have is the fact that they’re so petrified that they’re not going to look good that they pull a confused half-smile, which results in the mugness! The key is to learn your smile in your bedroom, repeat your smile in a mirror, get comfortable with your smile, then have it in the back pocket for whenever the camera comes out.

The best chance you’ve got of looking gorgeous is by showing off your confidence. Own your smile. Tell the world you know what you’re doing and you’re proud of your smile.

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2. Use your tongue.

A little tip that we got from our salon director, Kirsty Schumann, is to press your tongue on the top of your mouth as you’re having a photo taken. This elongates your neck and helps to avoid the evil double (or triple) chin.

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3. Focus on having GREAT posture. 

Nothing turns a camera off more than a hunchback.It’s just a fact. Shoulders back. Head up. Stand tall. And go!

How to look fabulous in a photoshoot

4. Relax!

The thing about photos is that it becomes so stressful that people can really mess up their pose. And their face.

Often, GORGEOUS girls will hate getting photos because they claim they’re not photogenic. Meanwhile, if they actually just relaxed and began to loosen up in front of the lens, their true beauty would really glow. Just relax a little bit and try to not panic. Panic = Mugginess.

How to pose for a photo

5. Group shot? Don’t mimic your friends. 

One quick way to look like a group of fools is to try to copy each other by trying not to stand out. All of you must do your own thing, otherwise you’ll inevitably fail at trying to be them. You can’t be them. They can’t be you. They are them & you are you. It’s just the truth.

Instead of pulling the same pose and/or facial expression, just look the camera in the eye & own it. Relax and do what feels natural. Destiny’s Child never tried to act like three identical statues, in perfect synchronicity. Why? Because they’re not a group of fools. They may have been holding the same petrifying hand-gun, but they all owned it in their own way.

How to look good in a photo

7. Cross your legs. 

This is quite a simple one but it’s one that most of us non-celebrities mustn’t have been taught in high school. Cross your legs!

There’s a reason why lots of celebrities, when they’re on the red carpet, cross their legs for a photo. It stops you looking like a rigid statue – and shows confidence & control. Practice crossing your legs for a photo in the mirror. It’s simple but can have a massive effect!

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8. Turn & pose!

Another simple trick of the celebrity trade. Turn & pose! How often do you see celebrities twist and glare in to the lens of the photographers camera? I know, almost ALL of the time. Again, it adds a look of confidence and destroys the rigidness that comes with standing square-on.


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So there you have it! 8 simple tricks which are guaranteed to help you own the camera.

Go out and practice these and let us know how you get on.

All our love. Model Standards. Xxx