Manchester is a massively booming city and there is so much going on here.

With Manchester taking the central role in the Northern Powerhouse movement in the UK; we are seeing huge amounts of investment in the city with cranes everywhere, and we are attracting the world’s smartest, richest and most famous individuals. Essentially, we’re enjoying the benefits of a booming economy!

But with these benefits comes great responsibility.

If we are attracting some of the world’s greatest individuals, we must ensure that our services are of world-class quality. When people land in the UK for the first time, we need to make sure that they remember us for our great personalities, our extraordinarily high-quality services and our business know-how.

At Model Standards, we are committed to ensuring that our permanent makeup services are of world class standards.

I, as the founder & director of Model Standards, have personally just pushed myself through two additional advanced intensive training courses to perfect my Semi Permanent Makeup capabilities and my Permanent Lip Treatment abilities. Everybody that works under a Model Standards roof is pushed to go through rigorous training courses to perfect each particular niche.

Without continuous training – people’s abilities wither. We pick up bad habits, we forget key processes – and we do not deliver world-class services. Too many clinics are happy to rest on their laurels and stay working in the business, rather than stepping away, learning the new tricks, and working on the business to make sure clients having an increasingly good experience.

Permanent makeup, like any advanced cosmetic treatment, is a big investment – in both financial terms and personal terms. Customers require an outstanding service and this can only be achieved if we are consistently investing in our abilities as technicians. At Model Standards, we’re leading the way and learning everything we can.
    You see. We like to learn.


If you’re considering booking in for permanent makeup and you’d like more information, get in touch to organise a free consultation in one of our UK clinics, where we will explain everything you need to know.

As always, thanks for everything.

Kirsty. X