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Semi permanent makeup is a simple yet effective way to enhance your features, create an new wave of inner confidence and wake up looking fabulous.


Semi permanent eyebrows will enhance your features, save you time & build your confidence.


Here at Model Standards, we specialise specifically in semi-permanent eyebrow treatments.

eyebrow tattoo liverpool chesterUnderstanding what you cosmetically require can be tricky and shouldn’t be brushed over quickly. One thing you can be sure of though is high quality permanent eyebrow treatments. This is tattooing of the brows, creating perfectly designed brows.

At Model Standards, we focus on high quality semi permanent eyebrow treatments – and deliver outstanding quality, every time. We will work with you to meet your exact desires and needs, and we will always provide all the information & support that you will ever need – pre & post treatments.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction score for all our clients to date. We have received outstanding reviews and we are now recognised as one of the leading providers of semi permanent eyebrow services in the North West of England.

We have clients travelling from every corner of the United Kingdom for our treatments – and we have developed partnerships with salons in key cities around the UK to provide regular treatment days. This gives us a national presence and a customer base of huge variety.

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What actually is a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo?




Semi permanent makeup treatments are essentially semi permanent tattoos positioned strategically to enhance your facial features. The most common treatments are semi permanent eyebrows, semi permanent lip colouring and semi permanent eyeliner. Each treatment should last between 12-18 months, but this can vary a lot – as everybody has a different rate of skin regeneration. The tattoo goes slightly less deep than a standard tattoo – and doesn’t hurt as much.You can find out more about the semi permanent eyebrow process, and a step by step walk-through of the treatment here

Understanding what you need.

Everybody that enters the Model Standards salon is looking for something slightly different. It is our job to give the client exactly what she is hoping for. We will advise and inform you about all of the things that you should know so that you can make an informed decision as to which end product you would like. Some people prefer a ‘subtle brow’ look. This is just something that doesn’t demand too much attention – but when observed closely is absolutely flawless, 24 hours per day. Other
s would prefer more of a ‘power brow’ look. This is a show stopping, attention grabbing powerful brow – that has loud features, but is also flawlessly designed. Most people are somewhere in between. We will work with you during a free consultation to find the perfect shape and colour brow to match your skin, facial shape and hair colour.

We will show you case studies of other clients who have come in with similar features and how they managed to leave the salon feeling and looking fantastic.

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Microblading liverpool

This was our lovely client who had no real brow hair. We managed to create a strong brow shape which matched her hair colours. This will fade by approximately 20% over the next few weeks to leave a very natural brow.



Semi Permanent Makeup Liverpool

This is the left brow of a lovely client of ours who had serious gaps in her brows where she had over-plucked. She came all the way from Abu Dhabi to get her treatment done at Model Standards! We managed to fill out the brow with a fluffy effect – and completely fixed the gaps in her brows, leaving her delighted. She wanted the natural look – so that is what we gave her!


Semi Permanent Eyebrows before and after

This is the brow of our lovely client who struggled to draw her brows on every morning. We drew the brows on before her treatment in a shape that she loved. Then, our salon director and Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo specialist, Kirsty, tattooed the brows on perfectly. These will last 12-18 months before our client pops in for a top-up. We added natural volume to the brows and our gorgeous client won’t have to draw them in everyday!