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Our 8 top ways to keep your skin on it’s A-game! – Model Standards

Have you ever struggled with nasty skin problems, that just won’t give up?

If you have, don’t fret. You’re not alone.

According to the NHS, 80% of people struggle with acne at some point in there life – and over 55% of women aged 18-55 are unhappy with their current skin condition. 

The skin is the biggest organ in the human body – and it is as complex as they come. That’s why, to make it nice & simple for our beautiful followers, we’ve listed our 15 top ways to keep your skin on it’s A game! Enjoy. 



Sorry about the caps, but it was necessary. We really cannot stress this enough. Most dermatologists will agree that the number one way to see immediate improvement in skin health & appearance is by consuming 8 glasses of water per day (2 litres). 

It helps to flush toxins out – and hydrate & regenerate your skin cells. 


2. The Dermaplaning Treatment

Dermaplaning is our favourite skincare treatment right now – and people are going CRAZY for it. 

It sounds like quite a scary treatment – but it is totally safe & totally pain free (it’s actually quite therapeutic & relaxing). In short, a skincare consultant will remove the layer of dead skin sitting on top of your healthy skin, along with any fuzzy facial hair hair & gunk.

This treatment leaves your face glowing & fresh – and promotes regeneration! It helps prevent wrinkles – PLUS, skincare products will be absorbed up to 60% better for 2 weeks post treatment, too.  What more could ya want? Find out more or book a treatment here.


3. The Chemical Peel (Milk Peel)

This is another skincare treatment that is in MASSIVE demand right now – and rightly so.

This 30 minute facial will see a 50% glycolic acid solution applied to your face – followed by a number of skin rejuvenating creams. The relaxing & peaceful process is known for tightening skin, reducing blemishes, spots & acne, and adding a natural glow to your skin! 

A 6 month treatment plan (with one milk peel each month) is widely recognised as one of the most powerful treatments for reducing stubborn acne. To find out more, or to book a treatment plan, click here.


4. Investing in an AMAZING cleanser

This is quite self-explanatory (we hope) and simple to adopt, but it is often completely ignored! A daily cleanser is massively important to keeping your pores clean & your skin nourished.

Standard face wipes just don’t cut it! Sorry. A high quality cleanser can literally help to transform your skin in a matter of days. Our favourite is Dermaceutic Foamer 5. We’ve tried and tested over 40 cleansers, including the big names like Clinique & Estee Lauder. Everybody’s skin is different, but nothing quite compares to Dermaceutic. 


5. Sleep for 8 hours, EVERY NIGHT. 

The benefits of getting a full 8 hours per night are almost entirely unquestioned. It’s a well known fact that the implications of not sleeping are massive – and can affect our entire body in a LOT of ways. 

As a skincare clinic, it is one huge thing which we constantly learn on training courses & medical bulletins. Lack of sleep will reduce skin regeneration, resulting in wrinkles, sagginess & frail skin. Make sure to get 8 hours, or pay the price!


6. Apply a day & night cream.

Another simple, yet often forgotten, tip. 

Get a quality moisturiser – which you can apply each day & night. This will help to keep skin cells hydrated, healthy & glowing. When buying your moisturiser, be sure to consider your skin type & condition. Everybody’s skin is different, and applying the wrong type of cream could result in spots & blemishes, if you’re not careful. 

Our best advice on finding a great moisturising cream? Test, test, test! 


7. Don’t play with spots (and DO NOT pop them)

You might feel tempted to pop that juicy zit – like we all do. But think of it this way. That juicy zit is actually a little sack that is holding oil, acne bacteria, debris & dirt. You do NOT want to be popping that. 

You may not think it is a big deal, but puncturing that protective sack will allow the gunk to oooooooze out. If it is broken, and the bacteria & dirt from the zit falls in to other pores, this can lead to more pimples.

More to the point, poking and prodding a spot can force the gunk contained in the sack further in to your skin, resulting in inflammation, redness & infection. You may introduce new bacteria to the area, too. This can lead to scarring and MUCH longer skin recovery periods. 

Dermatologists advise to leave the spot alone to live out its lifespan, which should be 2-7 days. Doing this will improve your overall skin condition & help to prevent future spots & pimples appearing.

Keep your face clean and try not to play with it. 


8. Try to eat 10 fruit & veg per day. 

Far too many people don’t eat ANY fruit or veg each day, let alone 10 pieces! But, vitamins & minerals play a HUGE part in the condition of your skin

A simple way to make sure you’re giving your skin the best possible chance of repairing, regenerating & avoiding blemishes is to fuel your body with vitamins. Make sure you’re eating enough Vitamin C – and be sure to get some leafy greens into your system, EVERY DAY. 


And that’s it! Those were our 8 top tips for keeping your skin on it’s A-game.

Go out there and enjoy yourself – and be sure to email us at help@modelstandards.co.uk if you have any questions about anything we’ve mentioned. 


All our love, Xxxxxx